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We are Nadia, Ale and Paula.

We are partners, friends and life partners.

Together we designed this store, the online classes that little by little are getting better and better, and the classes that we offer in the Showroom.

Nadia is not seen in the photos.

Not because she is shy, those who know her know how far she is from being; he just prefers to avoid the lights of the flashes ... hahaha !!

She was the mentor who around 2012 began with this wonderful project of Por Amor a Mora, organizing events and designing Candy Bar tables that were just becoming known in Argentina.

Table after table, event after event, each date surpassed the previous one; and it did not take long to become a benchmark in the field.

A tireless mind (sooo tireless !!! haha), full of projects and ideas but above all a generous person.

Shortly after, Paula joined the project. She is a pastry chef, left a stable job in a dependent relationship, sure of wanting to dedicate herself fully to the world of pastry. The many satisfactions experienced throughout all these years make her not regret that decision.

And finally Ale arrived. It came from the art world; He is a teacher in Audiovisual Arts.

With a natural talent, no cookie or cake can resist your wonderful hands.

Total genius, good companion and always with positive thoughts.

Romi accompanies us in the Showroom; She is the queen of good taste, she is the one who took over the events and who never ceases to amaze us when she sets up those beautiful tables that make us die of love.

The word "entrepreneur" defines us all from head to toe; We are all moms, which makes us juggle many times to be able to meet everyone, but for us it is unthinkable to give up.

We share the same passions, we encourage each other and we form a network that contains us ... and how good it feels to work like that!

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